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In shelter Dog

Millersville, MD, 21108
Pet name:
Siberian Husky

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This is Ranger and boy does he have a long, sad tail to tell.

-Rangers original owner passed away.

-He was then rehomed to a new owner (Owner #2) .

-In 2018 Ranger escaped Owner #2 and was loose for an unknown time period.

-Thanks to a Volunteer with Lost and Found Pets he was reunited with Owner #2.

-Owner #2 moved to an apartment in NY and Ranger was not permitted so he was left with that Owners parent (Owner #3).

-Ranger escaped from Owner #3 and was on the run for at least 2 months.

-Animal Control became aware of Ranger because a good Samaritan had been feeding him but unable to catch him.

-Ranger was trapped and brought to the shelter. His microchip was still registered to the original, deceased owner.

-Lost and Found Pets remembered Ranger from 2018 and contacted Owner #2 who wasnt even aware Ranger was missing.

-Owner #3 is now too ill to care for Ranger.

-Ranger was surrendered to the shelter.

-The shelter attempted to perform his behavioral assessment and this big 65lb fella was SO scared, he crawled under the food bin and tried to hide from humans. (See last picture)


How much more could one dog endure in his 5 years of life?? Poor Ranger needed out ASAP.

And so Ranger is now settling into his foster home. Its going to be slow and steady to win this boy over. Ranger is going to need a very patient and calm home. We dont know if its due to all the change hes endured or if there was abuse in his past, but hes very unsure of men. Any males in his adoptive home will need to be extremely kind and patient with their approach. On the other hand, he does great with kids age 10+. He would like a canine companion but not one whos overly rambunctious. A dog who will show him the ropes and help he feel secure would be ideal. He shares his space with another Husky but they dont really play.

Ranger is completely housebroken and crate trained. In fact, you must agree to use a crate with Ranger (even if the door stays open) because the crate is his safe space. He uses it like a den. He loves to go for walks with his foster Mom, but sometimes loud noises scare him and he will pancake and has to encouraged to continue on. He walks 3 miles a day. Hed also like a home with a fenced yard, but he only goes out to do his business and then comes right back in. Ranger would not be an ideal dog for city or urban living. Even though hes timid, hes a very easy, sweetheart of a boy.
~~Husky Education And Rescue Team is a foster based rescue. Our dogs are in our foster homes all up and down the east coast. We do not have a facility in which you can visit. We find this a huge benefit because we learn our dogs and are able to educate our adopters on what its like to have them live in your home. Part of our process, once pre-approved, is to speak with the foster for the dog youre interested in. If youre still interested in adopting from our rescue the first step is to complete our adoption application online at

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