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In shelter Dog

Toronto, ON, M4P 2B2
Pet name:
Siberian Husky
White / Cream
Husky mix | 9 months | Male | 27 lbs (and growing!) | Owner Surrender 
*We cannot guarantee breed nor age.

Temperament: Lovable, hyper, inquisitive
Activity level: High energy! Panda will need at least two hours of active play/exercise per day. His walks are usually 20-30 minutes each.
Vetting: Core vaccines (dh2pp, Rabies). Neutered (April 7, 2022), microchipped, dewormed, fecal - negative for parasites, on tick/heartworm and flea prevention.
Housebroken: Working on it! Usually won’t do anything if he’s alone but if someone is there, they should pay close attention to his signalling.
Good with Dogs: Yes - will want to constantly play and some dogs will get tired of him.
Good with Cats: Yes! 
Good with Children: Untested. Panda is interested when sees children and is very sociable but nips and need training before he interacts with any children.
Any noted prey drive: Likes to go after squirrels and birds! He will even chase blowing leaves. His fosters are working on keeping it to a minimum.
How do they respond to the outdoors: Panda LOVES the outdoors. As long as he has some water to drink, he can walk for long periods of time. The cold doesn’t bother him. When he’s had enough, he flops down and relaxes until you head back home. He jumps for joy when around other dogs and wants to meet EVERYONE.
Crate Trained: Working on it! Pretty good but he would much rather be in on the action if he’s separated from his people.
Any resource guarding: No, Panda likes to share.
Response to commands: He knows “sit”, “spin”, “paw”, “down” and “jump”!
Are they vocal: When in crate, Panda whines loudly for about 10-15 minutes. He can also be vocal during play with other dogs. Otherwise, he is quiet.
Leash Etiquette: Responds well to the leash.
Transportation: Fine in the car. Untested on public transit.
*Panda’s bio may change as we get to know him better.
*Comes with 6 weeks of pet insurance plus 2 free online group training classes.
*Due to the number of applications we have been receiving, our team is only able to respond to applicants that will be moving forward as we are an entirely volunteer-run organization.

Meet Panda! Panda is a lovable, energetic puppy with lots of affection to give everyone. There isnt anything he wont try putting in his mouth! He loves to run, play fetch and IF you manage to tire him out he can be a very good cuddler. Panda likes to sleep at the foot of your bed or at your door. His attention span can be compared to a goldfish, and he can frequently lose his train of thought even when playing before switching to chewing on a chair leg or the wall or your hand or run across the room into the wall! His favourite play fight move is the body-check and he is aspiring to join the Toronto Marlies as a backup defenseman. 

This dog absolutely loves snow and the cold and will frequently run into deeper snow and FLOP himself down. When excited he loves his zoomies and jumping as high as he can in the air! Panda LOVES meeting new people and dogs on the street and will want to cross the road to meet them - but only if you let him! Once he understands he isnt going to get to say hello he will continue on his walk with you. 

Panda LOVES gnawing and his teeth can be sharp (though he is loosing lots of his sharp little puppy teeth currently) - that being said he is VERY good with understanding proper play. When he gets excited he can forget himself so he shouldn’t be around children until he’s had enough training or grown out of this phase. Panda wants and needs to play a lot more than other smaller dogs, so he’s still learning when other dogs are done playing. When he’s well-matched on an energy level, he plays well. He is intelligent and with positive reinforcement training will grow into being a VERY GOOD BOY. He can be a derp and loves to play but he’s just oh so polite and cute about it!

The best family for Panda will have an active lifestyle, lots of room for him to run and play and will understand large dogs. If you feel you are a good match for Panda please submit an application at:


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