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In shelter Dog

Wasilla, AK, 99654
Pet name:
Siberian Husky
Meet Corky!

Corky is about a year old husky mix. 
Corky is a special boy that is so scared. 
He has a wonderful foster that has been working with him day and night. 
His foster says this about Corky;

He was labled as feral upon arriving from a village. 
Thats right- feral. 
He was born in a rural village, and until recently, spent his whole life outside, roaming the village, with no owner. 
Apparently a few kind folks in the village would toss him food occasionally. My guess is he probably had other things tossed at him by unkind folks. This has been his only contact with humans. 
As of this writing, I have had him 11 days. He will approach me cautiously, and take food from my hand. Any other movement I make, he shies away. 
I totally believe there is a good, adoptable dog inside him. This will be a long, slow process involving baby steps. 
With that being said, and after consulting with Lisa, we have decided to try offering him for adoption "as is", and here is why;
I anticipate several weeks or months of attentive, one on one work to earn his trust and make him adoptable. Only then to send him to a new home where he has to "learn" life with a different human. 
Perhaps someone out there is interested, someone who has the time and heart to invest, and is willing to consider adopting him. 
You will absolutely need a secure enclosure (kennel) AND a fenced yard for starters, and realize he is not housebroken or touchable.

We all believe Corky will be a wonderful dog for the right person if given the time and love he deserves. 

Adoption fee covers his neuter, microchip and age appropriate vaccinations! 

If interested in adoption please click the link below and fill out and submit an application to