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Mr. Ollie, Office Manager   

In shelter Dog

Boston, MA, 02128
Pet name:
Mr. Ollie, Office Manager
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
Dear Friends,

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself in this job submission. My name is Ollie and I have been named EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR here at the shelter that I am in. Why have I been given this award, I excel at cuddling, kissing, riding shot gun, filing and greeting potential customers. 

As you can see, I have no problem dressing appropriately for work and believe ties and a smile are required for a proper work environment. My salary range consists of lots of cookies, hot dogs, love, snuggle session, sofa and bed permissions!

Some of my best attributes are that I am neutered, vaccinated, and love my crate. I cannot live with cats, they get me going....I am getting dog tested, but the office supervisor believes that I will get along well with other dogs. I love kids, they are in the office often, hoomans are not all bad and I like both men and women and will do well with a singleton, is that PC, or a family.

If you look at the full employment package, you are getting a bargain at $500, please consider making me your permanent office manager!

Considering where I came from, found as a stray, starving, missing fur, possible bait dog with sores all over my body, and HW positive, I deserve this award and the prize of a family! Paws From Afar is treating me for heartworm and I will not begin my new job until that is managed, I am in charge of this process, so it is well in hand!

We believe strongly in crate training your new arrival and keep the crate up so your pupper has their safe place, of course, their safe place should be full of dog beds, pillows and blankies.

Pet insurance is required prior to pick up, please make sure you calculate this into your monthly expenses we recommend Trupanion Why Trupanion? 1) Coverage for all new injuries and illnesses 2) They pay directly to the hospital or facility 3) Unlimited payout for the lifetime of your pet. Please send a copy of your policy to

Paws From Afar believes that all dogs should have adventures as often as possible, they need a change of scenery, smellery, new paths to explore or oceans to swim in. 

Ollie is up-to-date on all vaccines, we will send you a certificate for altering as she is too young, and the adoption fee is $600. If the pup is still listed, then they are still available. Keep in mind that we bring our dog up from the south and if you require a meet and greet, we are not the right rescue for you, we are happy to put you in touch with the pups fosters prior to adoption. 

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