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In shelter Dog

Brea, CA, 92822
Pet name:
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
We got a call from a groomer that some teens found this puppy in a Riverside Park back in January 2015.  We are always so full but once the pictures were shown to one of our Volunteer/board members, it was a no-brainer. 

He suffered for God knows how long in the park with out food or shelter or water.  He had severe mange and was very emaciated; just a bag of bones with painful sores from head to paws.  To keep him warm and prevent shock, we put a heating lamp, blankets, and a big bowl of wet-n-dry food and chicken.  His legs were so inflamed that could not walk and needed to be carried.  His breathing was abnormal.  We started to pet him and talk to him, and his bony tail started to wag.  We did not think he was going to make it through the night, but from that point on it was uphill for River.

(10 days after we got him, he defecated out an In-N-Out wrapper. ?) 

Well, he is all better now after 12 dips every other week we did ourselves.  After some pro-biotics, good food, and lots of loving, he is so ready for his forever home.  He needs a foster home too to help the puppy behavior.  He now knows how to walk on a leash but needs further guidance in this area. This big baby loves life, toys, and people and would so love doggie friends.  Warning, he is a lap dog.

He has a high energy level which will be great for those looking forward to walking or jogging on a regular basis. We have had River since 2015. He was a baby of 6 months when he was found in that mange and horrible condition.\xa0

He was named River as some teens found him in Riverside Park. We did not think he would survive the next day. We put a heating lamp on him. He ate and drank for us.\xa0 He has blossomed. He has fully recovered from mange after months of treatment and medicated dips and baths plus ivomac injections.\xa0 When he was about 8 months or older we were able to get him fixed.\xa0

He has never skipped a adoption event since. We have only had 1 serious interest and 1 recently who backed out. The first 1 a year ago hax a older dog who bit river in the face.. river did not respond. But he could down the road if other dog keeps that up. So River is a very strong boy.\xa0 He is food and toy obsessed. He still will eat his toys and beds so we have to only give very hard toys for his safety. He usually ignores other dogs and is fine walking with the little guys.\xa0 He doesnt really know how to play with them.\xa0 He loves the pool and splashing himself in the baby pool. We apply sun screen to his head to.avoid skin cancer as all hair did not grow back there. He also has a hat to help. He is not a big runner and gets tired pretty easy when we try.\xa0

He is like a frog when he lays down. Picture was attached.\xa0 He loves just being in someones lap as he is a total lap dog.

We have never been able to find a foster home for him and son he is still a puppy in a adult dogs body. He recently had surgury to remove a lump which they said a mass cell tumor. It has been removed and he is fine vet recommended we give him over the counter anhistime that according to them keeps cancer at bay.\xa0

We will pay for training and indoor outdoor kennel for him if anyone commits to foster him and he gets free boarding at the place he has been living for the rest of his life of parents go on vacation. We all love him and he loves us so he will be fine.\xa0

Please contact us back if you want to meet him. We were at Glendora Petsmart yesterday and we go every 2 weeks from 11 to 3.\xa0

Thank you for wanting to adopt and save a life.


Jennifer Rhyne

Good Dog - Dog Talk Inc

626 437 5412

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