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In shelter Cat

Columbus, OH, 43219
Pet name:
Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
Coat length:
Winky is a middle age boy with a rough past. Hes been living at a colony for the last few years. Its apparent he  had an owner once because he likes people. One of the caretakers would take toys for him to play with at the colony and he would follow her around and love to get pets. The pics you see of him outside are from the colony. He is now at our facility enjoying the comforts of being inside. We are looking for a home where he will be strictly indoors.

Hes about 5 years old, has a heart murmur, and tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

FIV scares some folks but they shouldn’t worry. Hes a harmless sweetheart; Hes a lover not a fighter.

With proper nutrition and veterinary care, FIV positive cats can live long and healthy lives like any normal cat. FIV is also very hard to transmit to other kitties and can only be passed through a deep bite wound.  As long as the cats in the home get along, Winky is totally fine to live with FIV negative cats!

About the heart murmur, the vet said that she believes it is a stress induced heart murmur as it is very faint and not to worry because the tests that were run indicate that there has not been any damage to the heart tissue and he doesn’t have any symptoms.  It is something that just needs to be monitored at his annual visit with veterinarian if I he is lucky enough to find a forever home.

Winky is a big boy weighing in at a little over 12 pounds. But that is 12 pounds of love and adoration for his people.  Please consider him. Hes a delightful, quiet boy.  Even his meow is soft and demure. He would like a quiet home where he can spend time with his people and can be showered with attention and love.