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Fitzroy (Son of the King!)   

In shelter Cat

Irvine, CA, 92618
Pet name:
Fitzroy (Son of the King!)
Orange / Red
Coat length:
Meet Fitzroy! Despite time spent in Devore Animal Shelter in October 2021, when he was estimated to be approximately 4-years-old, hes just as his name implies - the son of a king!  

Shy and bewildered initially, Fitzroy wouldnt allow anyone near him immediately following his rescue from the shelter. But over time and with patience and kindness, he grew to trust his caregivers and established a sense of security in his new environment. Now, Fitzroy basks in the adoration and affection received. When pet, hell point his nose to the sky to indicate he is very well pleased. His foster mom calls him her Love Doll.

On his journey of discovering self-confidence, Fitzroy also found his voice. Hes become a very chatty boy who will chirp if you havent given him the attention he feels hes due. However, when hes said all there is to say, Fitzroy is ready for a nap. He enjoys lounging in the warmth of the sun, in his luxurious kitty bed, or snuggled close to his favorite human. His discovery of the scratch post has led to an obsession. With the scratching post as a prop, hes developed a unique form of cat yoga. The only flaw in his majestic countenance is that Fitzroy is FIV+. However, FIV+ kitties can and do live very long, happy, and healthy lives with proper nutrition and regular vet visits. Our vet affirms Fitzroy is in excellent health.

Fitzroy now understands hes kitty royalty and is seeking someone who loves cuddles, relaxing, and who is willing to entertain him with the dangling of string toys. While hes open to sharing a home with other kitties and may do very well with a buddy, hes also content to rule the house as its single and sovereign feline. Fill out an adoption application for Fitzroy at today!