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Zephyr 5391   

In shelter Cat

Lansing, MI, 48912
Pet name:
Zephyr 5391
Coat length:
This boy right here is Zephyr. He is the most chill and lovey boy there is! He is happiest just being with you and getting all the love. It’s even better if you want to play with him AND give him love! He is just a big goof ball, and will keep you laughing with all of his silly antics. You can catch this guy in the most odd positions, flopping anywhere he sees fit or looks comfy to him. He is one of 4 kittens in his litter, but the only boy. So he learned quick he was out numbered but he always takes his sisters play with stride, and never has he let anything ever get him down. Zephyr is just a clown of a boy and whoever is lucky enough to adopt this boy will have years of the best kitty lovings, and constant laughs because this boy doesn’t have a dull bone in his body! Oh and did I mention just how handsome he is?!

Siblings: Iris 5394 (F) & Rosebud 5392 (F)

****To inquire about or to apply to adopt this kitty, please fill out our application. Copy and paste this link. It will take you directly to our application!****

By adopting this kitty, it helps the SBZ Organization work on decreasing the over-abundance of kittens that end up homeless. 

*Because rescue cats do not come from breeders with specific backgrounds, the description is our best estimate of breed & is not guaranteed.
*SBZ requests that adopted kitties be taken to your private vet to be established right away as moving around can be stressful- even if it’s good stress- and cause reactions in their immune systems. 
*If you have dogs and other kitties, please make sure to do a slow introduction so they can learn about each other.