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In shelter Cat

Sunnyvale, CA, 94086
Pet name:
Tabby (Orange / Red)
Coat length:
Goldfish is a sweet, affectionate cuddlebug. He will sit on laps and demand affection, or just nap. Generally, where you go, he goes. He enjoys playing with wand toys. But he especially loves being outside (in an enclosed patio), where he can sit in the sun and chase butterflies. Hes a bit of an explorer, but growing out of it to an extent. He loves attention. And he loves his brother Gray Gatsby. They are a bonded pair who entertain each other when they cant get you to play with them. They are unusually comfortable with strangers, and will happily greet newcomers.

Goldfish and his 4 siblings, including brother Gatsby were found by a person who fosters cats for the NASA Ames Research Center (the Ames Cat Network). When yet more kittens were found, I agreed to foster them, as I am also with the Ames Cat Network. Three of the siblings were adopted out to one family; these two remained. They are a sweet pair of affectionate, highly social cats.

The boys would be best adopted together. They are bonded, and cry if separated even for a short time. They appear to be comfortable with other cats, but ideally would have their own home turf. We havent tested them with kids, but they are patient, tolerant cuddlebunnies and do not bite or claw when handled a bit roughly, as a child might. We have not tested them with dogs. They love attention but entertain each other, and so dont need constant looking-after. They are young enough to seek out wand toys and chase laser dots.

Goldfish occasionally needs eye drops. Gatsby, Goldfishs brother, has shown signs of urinary tract issues and hes on a special diet.

Goldfish is currently living in Mountain View, CA 94043-4317

Please note:
- Goldfish should be adopted with a littermate
- Indoor home preferred

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