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Venus, Mars and Jupiter   

In shelter Cat

Walnut Creek, CA, 94596
Pet name:
Venus, Mars and Jupiter
Please contact Renee ( for more information about this pet. TO INQUIRE ABOUT THESE CATS email Renee at Include a bit about your home, who lives there, other pets. Thank you.
Do you work from home and find that you are far too productive? Well, we have the solution for you! Introducing Venus (black and white female), Mars (brown tabby and white male), and Jupiter (brown tabby and white M), the best distractions youll ever meet! If you take a dynamtic duo home from this group, they will make absolutely sure that the monotony of everyday life is broken up by exciting play and snuggle sessions. As kittens go, this pair are gentle, low key players. They can sense when youve been spending too much time on adult things, and they wont hesitate to remind you that while pens are extremely useful when it comes to doing paperwork or paying bills, they are also a crucial part of the fantastic game of chase it around the room! But wait! Theres more! In addition to keeping you from getting too serious with your adult things, they are a wonderful stress monitor, intervening with frequent rubs and snuggles from the sweetest kitties you could ever ask for. As a matter of fact, all three consider their people at rest the perfect objects of constant affection (aka: must be on the lap, shoulder or rubbing against a body part!).
Tracy W

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