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In shelter Cat

Waverly, IA, 50677
Pet name:
Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
Coat length:
WE ARE NOT A SHELTER. WE ARE A NO-KILL 501-C-3 NON-PROFIT RESCUE: To see an animal, you must fill out an application first and then once approved, we can set up for you to meet the animal you are interested in.

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Junos family had a baby who is now a toddler and Juno has not done well with the change. He is terrified of the child and hides and wont eat. His owner lives in Des Moines but was originally from Waverly, Iowa. Juno is a Waverly Pet Rescue kitty now. Juno is up to date on shots and neutered. The rescue also tested him for  FeLV / FIV and he is negative, We did senior bloodwork on him and a urine analysis and he is very healthy. Except for another test we had him take and  the fPL shows that he has an abnormal pancreas and that can be caused by stress. This is treatable and should get a lot better with food, medications and a less stressful environment.

Juno is about 11 years old as of April 2022, When we first got him, he was very scared, nervous, and confused which is to be expected for any cat that has lost the only home he has ever known. He is now starting to come around and settle in. Juno is very sweet and I would call him a gentle giant. He is a big handsome cat. He still hides but not as often as he first did. It will take him time to grieve the loss of his family and move on. He wants to trust again, you can see it in his eyes. He does like to be petted. He is a calm kitty and likes a nice spot in the sunshine to sleep. We have been told that he does well with other cats. 

In a new home, he will need to be started off in a room alone and given time to adjust and settle in before you let him out in the whole house. This way when he hides at first until he gets to know you, you can keep track of how much he eats, drinks, and uses his litter box. And one room alone is truly the best way to bring a new cat home. This gives them a quiet safe space to get to know you, bond with you, and prepare for their new life.

6/7/22 UPDATE: Juno went to a foster home several weeks ago because he was not eating well at the vet office. Even with all the cat lovers there that gave him lots of attention, he was still terrified there so thought it best he go into a foster home that is more quiet. But even in the foster home, he was still not eating and drinking much. He warmed up quickly to his foster mom and gives her cuddles and head nudges. But decided to do some more testing on him and found out his pancreas levels are off. He is getting fluids every other day, prednisolone, ondansetron for nausea and daily mirtazipine to stimulate his appetite. We also had an ultrasound done on him and results show severe IBD or intestinal lymphoma. We will do all we can for Juno to help him. We will update this when we can once we consult with out vet as to what else we can do for Juno.

Junos adoption fee is $95.00.

WE ARE A NO-KILL 501-C-3 NON-PROFIT RESCUE. All donations are tax deductible. We do not have a shelter. All pets live in foster homes. We only adopt to indoor homes. To see an animal, you must fill out an application first and then once approved, we can set up for you to meet the animal you are interested in. We do background checks on all applicants. If you have assault, domestic abuse, or drug charges please do not apply. If you have questions, please send an email to

All animals see a vet for shots and normal exams. If they appear healthy and there are no obvious health concerns, then extensive testing is not done. This is normal procedure for pet rescues and shelters.
Waverly Pet Rescue puts a lot of money into medical care for each dog and cat we take in. $250 is the average cost for basic care. This does not include if the animal had an injury, required extra flea / ear mite treatments, or needed extra days at the vet office


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