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In shelter Dog

Buffalo, NY, 14223
Pet name:
Apricot / Beige
Meet Toby! Wanted – Single or childless couple to adopt dapper old man. If you are looking for a grumpy old man in your life meet Toby. This cantankerous old boy likes to do things his way. Do not expect to be on time with this boy. He gets up when he is ready to go out. He takes offense if you try to push the matter with him. When he wants something it is a different story. Dinner should be at 4:30 and if there is not food in his bowl he will come looking for you and let you know youre late. When filling the food dish he will bark at you as if to say what the heck took you so long. If he needs to go out he will come looking for you. If you are not quick about it he will grab your sleeve and pull you to get you out of the damn chair. As you can see everything is on Toby time. Toby is crate trained and once in his crate you need to let him come out on his own if you value your hand. Toby is a low maintenance guy however. He basically lays around most days. He goes out, does his business and prefers to come back in. Again, if you are out, lets say watering the flowers, he will bark or scratch at the door until you stop what you are doing and let him back in where he will go find his perfect spot and nap. Like most men Toby will seek out affection on his terms, when he wants his back scratched or to be loved on. Once he has his fill he will go find his spot to lay. If you have other dog friends in the house there should be slow introductions. Toby currently lives with 4 other dogs male and female. He gets along well with them, but he basically does his own thing. He will groom them and they will do the same to him. There are sudden spurts of youthfulness where he will play and shock the other dogs. He just was exposed to a new puppy and is tolerating her obnoxiousness well. For an old guy he does pull on the leash. He is kind of stiff jointed, so short walks only for this guy. If you are looking for a running buddy this is not your guy.

If traveling in the car, he is very interested in the world around. Be aware he can find the power window buttons and likes to push them to open the window and hang his head out!!\xa0 Something I was unaware of until I looked in the side mirror and saw his head hanging out. To sum it up if you like a laid back cantankerous old man who likes things his way this is your boy. He is good company, low energy and is smart. I believe if you have patience you could teach this old boy some new tricks. So if you arent scared off yet and would like to meet Toby-Won-Kanobi, fill out our adoption app today!!\xa0

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