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In shelter Dog

Cottage Grove, MN, 55016
Pet name:
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
If you are interested in any of the dogs available at New Leash Rescue, you can reach out to the foster listed below for more information and then complete an adoption application which can be found at  Please email the completed application to

Everest is around four years old and a terrier mix who was an unclaimed stray.  He weighs around 20 pounds.

He needs time to get to know new people, but once he knows you, hes a sweet, loyal boy who wants to be close by.   If pushed too far too fast by someone new or a child, he will snap at them. 

He can come on strong at first, but just needs to have an idea of his surroundings.   He is recommended for homes with kids age 10 and up.  

He is good with other dogs, and likes to play with an occassional once hes had a chance to warm up with them.  He likes to sit on your lap.  He can be protective of resources around other dogs, so needs a family willing to work on this. 

He is good in a crate and doing well with his housetraining.  

Adoption fee is $450.00 + tax (no checks)

Volunteer to contact for more information:  Katie  @ 

Everest will be at the Woodbury Petsmart adoption event on Saturday May 28th from 11am to 12pm. 

Our fosters do the best they can to provide all information about the animals background and temperament while in foster care in their home. An adopters routine and home environment is likely going to be different than that in their foster home. 

Sometimes there is more that comes out about a dogs personality once they have been able to settle in a home and truly become comfortable. There are great articles out there written about the different stages a pet goes through after adoption, discussing transitions that happen at 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months. We highly recommend reading about this - it will help you understand the transition your new pet goes through.