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Maverick *Read bio first*   

In shelter Dog

Jacksonville, FL, 32257
Pet name:
Maverick *Read bio first*
Please read ALL of the bio as it has specific information regarding specifics & needs for this little cutie!!

Maverick is approximately 4 year old, 12 pound originally thought to be Min Pin (best guess) mix as he has a lot of the Min Pin characteristics - very loyal to his person & feels the need to be protective of him/her but the Min Pin rescues see more Rat Terrier/Terrier mix. He needs a patient adopter who understands the breed & is willing to work thru his insecurities & fears by desensitizing him to new people & places. He absolutely loves walks but other dogs may cause some barking so its best to put distance between you & them so he learns that you will help keep him safe all while he THINKS he is protecting you.

He would do best as an only dog as he has such a strong personality.

We are working on potty training & he is doing better with the help of a routine & belly bands. Being in a foster home with multiple dogs isnt making this task easy.

Once he connects with you, you are his world & he will keep his eyes on you at all times. His most favoritest toy is a squeaker mat as its like bubble wrap to him.

If you have no Tiny Humans or other pets in your life or that visit, arent a social butterfly & understand what its like to be a dogs whole world as well as understand the Min Pin characteristics, lets talk & set up an opportunity for you to meet him. He really IS a great dog if given the chance.

Our Adoption Process:

We are a small rescue & are limited on our resources. We take great pride in personal doing reference checks as well as home checks along w/ meet & greets to ensure that it is a perfect match all the way around. We are based out of Jacksonville, Fl & our typical adoption radius is 250 miles BUT we have been known to expand that a little for the most perfect home. If you want to apply to be reviewed when s/he is finally ready to be adopted, you can go to our website, go to adoption, fill out the application & email it back to us or if you wish to know more about this pet, please contact We require an application to be completed & submitted if you wish to adopt a dog from Papillon Pals. Once the application is received, our Adoption Committee reviews the application to make sure the applicant meets the requirements for adopting the dog (for example: requires a fenced yard, or a stay-at-home adopter, etc.). We then check personal and vet references. If all is well with the references, we contact the applicant to schedule a time to take the dog to their home and meet all of the family. All information is then submitted to our Adoption Committee for review/approval. This process may take up to two weeks to complete.


9/14/22 1:00 PM


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