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In shelter Dog

Manhattan, NY, 10009
Pet name:
Terrier mix, 2 years, 21 lbs, neutered male 

If intrested in adopting please read the information below and then got to and fill out an adoption application if this pup is a good fit for your family :) 

Please Note: We can not guarantee breed mix or age. Both are educated guesses 

Home Recommendation: Needs a family that is ready for a high active adult. Terriers are cute but its important to remember they are high energy pups. Needs a home who is ready to do some basic training and ready for lots of activity. 

What is a Terrier?: There are many kinds of terriers, and they were originally bred to hunt vermin. The name originates from the Latin word terra, meaning earth or soil -- makes sense for a pup digging for animals like rats. Terriers are known for being smart and fearless. They are great for active families and for families that enjoy teaching tricks to their pups. 

What does owning this dog entail?: Dont let their size or cute scruff fool you, terriers are all dog and then some. This dog is considered a working breed since their original purpose was to do a job. Its going to be very important to keep this pup busy both physically and mentally -- that includes a minimum of 90 minutes of outdoor time every day for this high energy dog. A perfect walking, hiking, and running buddy. We strongly recommend a basic training course to get a more solid feel for this pups individual needs and how to best communicate with each other. A well trained dog is a happy dog. Terriers make great dogs for owners who are interested in teaching their dog some agility or attending agility classes. Theyre generally not awesome matches for homes with pets like hamsters or mice.

Personality: Life of the party. Wants to say hi to everyone and everything. 

His Foster Mom Says: Muscrat is a medium-energy pup who leaves miles of smiles behind him wherever he roams. He loves to be dressed up in his dino jammies and if I take too long to get ready for his walk, he will pick up his shoes and throw them at me. He adores meeting people and dogs on the street and all he wants is to play and make new friends. He can be over-enthusiastic in this, and he does have a tendency to pull at the leash to try to go towards other dogs. This has improved since I first took him in and with professional training from someone more experienced than myself I think it will be solved pretty quickly. Which brings me to my next point: Muscrat is CRAZY smart and picks up tricks like its nothing. So far he knows sit, stay, fetch, drop, leave it, shake, high five, and showing tummy. He just gets so excited sometimes that he has a hard time remembering his wealth of knowledge ;) This is especially the case with birds, as he does have a prey drive toward them and will sometimes pull me towards them. He is house trained and doesnt dumpster dive or get into food that doesnt belong to him. Most importantly, he has SO MUCH love to give. He doesnt need to be on top of you all the time, but he will follow his humans from room to room. In the evening he often decides that he needs attention, immediately, and will notify me to this by standing on my chest and nudging me with his nose if I stop petting him. When I shower, he sits on my towel waiting for me to come out. He sleeps on my bed and loves waking up because were ALIVE and AWAKE and its TIME TO PLAY! He is great with other dogs and cats, but very young children might get knocked down in his excitement. Muscrat came to me with awful separation anxiety, but now he can be home alone for long stretches of time. The caveat here is that while he likes the crate if a human is there, he loathes being shut in when hes by himself, so I leave him in my bedroom when I go out.

(updated Sep. 2022) He still loves people and dogs, but he doesnt bolt after them on the street anymore and hes much more polite about introducing himself to new people instead of jumping on them. He walks on a leash very nicely now, and just yesterday we spent the day in the city walking with my friend and his service dog, and Muscrat behaved well and didnt go nuts from overstimulation when we got home. His separation anxiety is miles improved; its not perfect but nowadays when I get home hes quick to sit down and show his tummy to get pets instead of showing distress. He would still benefit from professional training and I believe hed be polished up pretty quickly when taught by someone with more knowledge than myself, but I dont believe he needs the degree of experience in an adopter now as he did when I first got him.

Hes a high active dude who likes to walk, fetch and play. Hes a medium cuddler at the moment, but he gets more snuggly every day. Im 99% sure that once hes had a bath and is allowed in my bed outside of the towel hes being made to stay on his cuddliness will go up exponentially. Hes doing great with house training, I take him outside frequently just in case but hes had no accidents yet. Hes too good with strangers. Every human, dog and squirrel that crosses his path is best friend in the making. Hes like a walking ray of sunshine; everywhere he goes he leaves a trail of smiles behind him. Hes too friendly likes to jump up to say : which he will need to continue to work on. Hes a little mouthy - likes to nibble on hands when he wants attention. This isnt unusual for a dog his age that hasnt been raised with structure. But hes a very smart boy so training should be a breeze. Loves other dogs probably too much honestly. Hes so anxious to meet everyone that he lunges on the leash and there have been a couple times that the new friend is not so friendly after all. (Were working on making more polite introductions to dogs and humans alike). Havent seen much prey drive yet but definitely no home with rabbits. Cats are probably fine, I suspect that hell eagerly try to befriend them, theyll whack him and everyone will go on with their lives. Hes mouthy for sure. Doesnt chew on any stuff but loves to gnaw on hands and arms. He shows really good bite inhibition and does know to be gentle but Im trying to train him out of it. He also grabs at the leash, but only when Im taking too long to get moving once Ive put it on him. Hes getting the hang of the leash. The pulling was constant at first but he was great today. I think that hes realizing that there will be more walks and he doesnt need to cram the whole experience into the one hes on. Separation anxiety is a medium. The little stinker actually broke out of his crate the first time I left him alone but since then hes been good.Hes SO smart and picks up new tricks like its nothing. So far he sits, jumps, and makes deals (shakes hands). Were working on down and stay.Hes an amazing fetcher and politely brings the ball back and drops it every time, and hell grab a toy and bring it over to you when he wants to play. He comes running when you call him and is the perfect fit for someone who never wants to poop alone again. Hes super duper friendly but not a huge fan of older men: they seem to spook him and ruffle his feathers. 

Energy Level: Higher - needs at least 90 minutes of activity a day. Should have a 90 minute walk every day. Loves to spend time playing too. Loves to play fetch :) 

House Trained: Yes! 

Separation Anxiety & Leash Manners: Does pretty well now being left home alone. Working on leash manners: a bit enthusiastic on leash but getting better. 

Crate Trained: Yes: doing well with the crate training. 

Cuddle Factor: Medium - loves to cuddle but can also use some alone time 

Mouthiness: Medium - hes really good about human belongings. He likes to use his mouth to engage with people - he isnt hard with his mouth - but he does try to play with it. Basically he wasnt trained out of this as a puppy so his adopters will need to work on this. 

Good With Other Dogs: Yes! Wants to be friends with everyone. He would do really well in a home with another playful and young dog. 

Good with Cats: Has not been cat tested. Could go either way for him: hell probably want to play with a cat. 

Good with Kids: Not a good fit for young kids as hes mouthy. Fine in a home with kids 12 and up. 

Medical Status: Neutered and microchipped. Up to date on vaccines. Treated with de-wormer and heartworm prevention upon intake. 

How Did They End Up With Social Tees: Left at a high volume shelter in TN. Our rescue partner pulled him, had him vetted and transported to NYC. While in Social Tees care they are kept in attentive and loving foster homes. Many dogs are rescued from TN due to the lack of Spay and Neuter and a much smaller population of humans seeking dogs. In NYC we have a large human population which in turn means they find forever homes :) 

PLEASE NOTE: This animal is not at the Social Tees office all of our dogs and cats are in foster homes while they wait to find their forever families. :) If youd like to apply to adopt this pet, please complete an adoption application at Because we are a small team and receive hundreds of applications each week, we are unable to respond to every application and every inquiry email, but we do our best. Please have patience! If your application is approved, you will for sure hear from us. If you have questions, please take a look at the Adoption and Fostering FAQs etc. on our website as all common questions are answered there. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work to save these innocent lives!! 

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Listing updated: 9/10/22


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