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Houston of Cabarrus - A Special Senior Boy!   

In shelter Dog

Pacolet, SC, 29372
Pet name:
Houston of Cabarrus - A Special Senior Boy!
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the CPR Adoption team

Date into Rescue: 8/29/2020
Reason for being in rescue: Houston was surrendered by his owners to a small animal shelter. Carolina Poodle Rescue pulled him from the shelter.
Foster location: Dreamweaver Farms, Pacolet SC
Special Needs? Houston has luxating patellas in both of his rear knees. He was evaluated by the orthopedic team at UGA and sadly is not a candidate for surgery. Full medical records will be provided. Houston will never be a dog that goes for long walks. Houston eats a prescription diet of Hills JD (for joint & mobility). He takes a low dose of pain medicine daily for joint aches. Houston has had a dental (he lost 3 teeth) and is neutered and up to date on vaccines.
Weight: 12 lbs
Height: 12 in
Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Adoption Fee: $99

Fence needed? No

What kind of home would be best for me? Houston is looking for a quiet home where he will be the only dog (cats will be fine). He cannot manage stairs so ideally a home that is very flat for this prince. Houston is on prescription diet for joint and mobility and takes a low dose of daily pain meds to manage any older man joint aches. Houstons forever home will carry him places, invest in a stroller, and want a small boy to spoil rotten. Houston is not suited for a home with children or lots of visitors.

What is my personality like? Houston is one of our resident seniors we have here. He can be sassy at times but hes a sweetie at heart you just have to learn the ins and outs of how he works and what he likes. He likes chin scratches and belly rubs when hes sleepy. He eats well so food is a quick way to his heart but his weight has to be watched to help his joints. Houston being an older man he does have joint issues and will have to be on special joint food and medications for the remainder of his life. Due to his joints he has trouble getting up and down steps/furniture and ramps would be beneficial to him. Though he will have to live with this it doesnt stop him from living his very best life.

Houston wants to be the king of his own castle, with every waking need being catered to, the simple yet pampered life. He enjoys lots of comfy bedding and blankets. He would like a yard to explore/sniff every square inch of grass and to soak up some sunshine. He could go to home with a cat that wont bug him too much.

How do I act when I first meet new people? Houston takes a moment to warm up. Treats are the way to his heart.

Other tips and tidbits: Houstons estimated birthday is 9/1/2011

House trained? Dogs can be house trained if they are in the right environment and are allowed to follow a schedule as long as a physical reason doesnt keep them from being trained. A dog house trained in my home may not be in yours. We will help you teach your new dog this necessary skill and based on your schedule.

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