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In shelter Dog

San Diego, CA, 92103
Pet name:
Tell me Im a good boy, and Ill be yours forever!

Attention! Im Sergeant, and Im a 3-year-old fixed Labrador Retriever Mix, weighing 28 pounds. I was rescued from the streets of Tijuana where it is believed that I was either abused or hit by a car. Whatever the cause, I suffered severe trauma to my spine, which has left me fully incontinent (with both urine and feces). As a result, I must be diapered at all times when Im indoors or when Im inside a car. The good news is, Im fully mobile (and can walk very well on a leash, I might add) and am in no pain from this injury. I have a sensitive stomach so I eat Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Adult Selected Protein PR Dry Dog Food (~$100 a month) to help keep me regular and recently started some anxiety medication (Trazodone ~$5.00 for about a 3 months) to help with my nervousness when I am left alone.

But, lets get to a little bit about me! Im a sweet and gentle boy who is incredibly loving with people and children. More than anything in the world, I want to be petted, loved on, and told that Im a good boy. My favorite activities include chasing fast-moving creatures, like lizards and squirrels, and going on car rides. But most of all, I adore my squeaky toys! I can play with them for hours and just one squeak can send me from a deep slumber to instantly alert. One thing that I am working on, though, is my severe separation anxiety, as well as my general anxiety. Due to my rough past, I never want to be alone, and I dont handle being left behind very well. I can also be a bit apprehensive and fearful. However, I think with the right training and loving family, Ill be able to make a lot of progress in this department!

My ideal home would be somewhere with a large yard even a farm where I could play and sniff around undiapered most of the day. Id also prefer to have company the majority of the time, so a work-from-home situation would be ideal. I need to be your one and only doggie but do well sharing a home with cats! All in all, though, Im a lovable boy who is just looking for a furever family who I can love with all my heart.

My adoption fee is $200 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here:


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