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In shelter Dog

Scott, LA, 70583
Pet name:
Brown / Chocolate
Hi, my name is Zachary; my foster parents call me Wacky Zachy or Dobby!

I am:

\t2-3 years old

\t25 Ibs.

\tFully vetted/ received HW treatment

\tCrate Trained

\tPotty Trained

\tCat and Dog Friendly

\tLow- maintenance/energy

My brother, Cody, and I had a rough start to life; we were found on the streets and taken in by a Good Samaritan who took us in for a while. Unfortunately, that was an overwhelming situation for us as that Good Samaritan also took in LOTS of other dogs.

Two months ago, I moved into my new foster home, and Ive learned so much in such a short time! I am looking for my furever home, but heres what I need!

\tA home that will give me some time to decompress: because of what I have gone through, new people and new places excite me, but they are scary at first. I will need a few days to hang out in my crate or safe space to observe you and your home while I acclimate.

\tLots of love and patience (especially initially): I LOVE my foster mom so much because when I first arrived at her house, she just sat on the floor with me. Thats it; she sat and let me sniff her and gave me treats, and made sure I felt safe.

\t\tSide Note- Men: I have unfortunately met some mean men in my life so, they scare me much more than women do. It will take me longer to warm up to them, but thats okay. I will eventually love them too; they will just have to give me more treats, and pets, and love in the meantime.

\tContinued training and socialization: After spending nearly a full year indoors, I didnt know what leashes were or how big the world was, BUT I have figured out that I LOVE to go for walks! I am excited to walk, but getting leashed and how to walk on a least still confuses me sometimes. Dont be surprised if I get wrapped up, but I promise I wont pull you all over like my big ole foster sister does! The more I walk and visit other places, the less scared I become- look out world; here comes Zach!

Additional Notes from my Foster Mom: Zach breaks our heart then fills it with joy each day when we think about how far hes come since having entered our home. Zach was too afraid to potty or even eat when he came to us two months ago; you couldnt tell that by the way he frolics in the yard and around the house now. In spite of his rough start, he has never shown us any aggression. The most important thing for Zach to continue opening up is patience from his new family. He will be cautious and will want to spend some time just observing his new environment, but slowly and surely he will begin approaching with a wiggly butt and tail wags, and eventually he will want physical affection and snuggles; it just takes time. Poor Zach doesnt know how to play like a dog; he is not interested in toys or even playing with our dogs (though he does like to follow them around). He is content with a couch to curl up on and the occasional walk/sunbath in the yard. Zach does seem to like the presence of other dogs though; he follows them around and seems to trust them more than he initially trusts humans.

I personally feel that Zachs best match would be a single and/or elderly woman who may or may not have other dogs. Men scare him until he has received LOTS of attention from them, and even then, he may still get startled by them. A house with children may work for him, though I think children would want to play fetch or have other interactions with their dogs, and it may take quite some time for Zach to want that too.


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