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Toms Brook, VA, 22660
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SPECIAL NEEDS - BLIND Buster is a sweet dog but he unfortunately lost his eyesight. He was surrendered to a local shelter after his mom died and dad was unable to care for him any long. Buster is in a foster home where he has learned the "lay of the land." He does pretty good transitioning from his crate to the outside but sometimes gets confused by doorways and has a potty accident. When out in the yard, Buster will go his own way and do his business or stop to sniff another dog. He is a happy little guy who does amazingly well considering his blindness. He has been evaluated by a pet ophthalmologist. He has cataracts in both eyes and he is an excellent candidate for cataract removal. However, he also has moderately advanced progressive retinal atrophy which will eventually lead to total blindness. Buster is about 9 years old and 15 lbs. He has been neutered, is current on his vaccinations and microchipped. Buster is generally not a nippy dog but may react if startled. Accordingly, we recommend a home with no children. Smell and hearing are the two senses used by dogs the most and Busters nose and ears work just fine!

Paws For Seniors Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Paws For Seniors pet. Potential adopters must follow our adoption process, which includes an adoption application, an interview, reference check, and a home visit. Pre-qualification Applications may be submitted in advance will be kept on file.

Some things to consider before completing the Adoption Application.

Have a family meeting to discuss how adding a pet will impact your lifestyle, how you may need to change routine, if a dog or cat is better suited and ensure that everyone in the household is ready.
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Submit an application. We make every effort to respond to all applications received within 3 days.
Adoption Applications may be submitted for pre-approval and will be kept on file.
Initial interviews by phone or email will be made within one week after receipt of your application.
If the application is approved, we will schedule a home visit. All members of your family must be present.
After the home visit and upon approval, an Adoption Contract will be processed. Due to Covid-19 protocols, we are doing virtual home visits where possible. OR if not possible practicing social distancing with the use of masks.
Non Refundable Adoption Fees: Dogs: $250.00 Cats $150.00 we encourage additional donations to help us care for future pets.


Questions or concerns may be sent to
Paws For Seniors P.O. Box 317 Toms Brook, VA 22660



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