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In shelter Dog

Toronto, ON, M5H 0B1
Pet name:
White / Cream
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Arrived from Costa Rica Sept 17 

Luka is pictured here with this  mom so you can see how big he can get. Luke is the brother of Felipe.  He was born April 1 2022 approximately · Luka is currently  6 kilos Adult weight estimated: 15-16 kg


Luka is a little ball of energy and is curious about the world! He enjoys playing with toys and is learning how to cuddle! He does great with another dog in the home as long as that dog loves to play! He is learning more about the outside world and is taking his time becoming comfortable. Lukas furever home will require some additional patience while taking Luka for a walk as he is excited to be outside and may need additional
support learning some leash manners.  He is very affectionate, playful and a smart pup.  He can be independent at times and a bit shy.  All the traits of a puppy figuring out the world around him! 


Luka would benefit from multiple walks per day as well as indoor play sessions or mental stimulation! He is a busy boy, and would be up for any type of sport or activities with his family.  An active family lifestyle would be great for Luka!


Luka is house trained and crate trained.  His crate is his comfy safe place.  Sometimes he will bark and whine a bit in the crate - but if he has had his activity time, he would be happy to have a nap in his crate without complaints.    Luka needs to work on his leash training.  He is a very excited puppy and easily distracted at this point.  His foster parents are working on this! 

Ideal Home

Luka will need a  family who is patient and willing to invest in the time to train.  Leash training is a priority.  Because he is a pup trying to figure out the world, he is barking at other dogs and people at times.  So he needs a family that will help him learn the ropes.  Luka would thrive with a family that is very active and wants to take their dog on adventures.  He would be a perfect hiking companion, or perhaps this pup would be interested in other sports activities like agility training or fly ball.   Luka would be good in a home with another active dog. He has only met one cat who happened to be dog friendly and all he wanted to do was play.  He does show signs of prey drive by chasing and lunging at squirrels so at this point not certain whether Luka would be great with other small animals.  Luka has not met any children yet, so slow proper introductions are a must!  

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Sea Paws Rescue’s foster-to-adopt Program allows approved applicants to take an animal into their home until the animal’s health is approved by a licensed veterinarian in Canada. Fostering with the intention of adopting an animal is a special situation. It is NOT an adoption or a routine foster care agreement. This agreement between yourself and Sea Paws Rescue allows the animal that you wish to adopt to live with you before the adoption is finalized. It means that the animal belongs to Sea Paws Rescue NOT yourself until the adoption has been finalized and all proper paperwork has been agreed upon. You are fostering with the intent of adopting this animal in the future. The animal will remain on hold/unavailable to other potential adopters – the adoption will remain pending until the animal has seen a licensed veterinarian in Canada and the process has been completed. Most of these animals come from overseas and will be placed into our foster to adopt program if there are no concerns from the shelter they are coming from.

What it takes to join our FTA Program:
- Live in the GTA
- Able to take your FTA to all approved vet appointments covered by SPR (basic vetting)
- Patience and ability to wait to be matched by our adoption team


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