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In shelter Cat

Brooklyn, NY, 11235
Pet name:
If you are looking to be smothered with love by a kitten, Checker is the kitten for you!! Checkers is a super friendly kitten who was born in our facility to a feral mom from Staten Island that we trapped to get fixed, and released via our TNR program. We didnt know she was pregnant so Checkers got a lucky break when she gave birth to him and his 3 siblings while we were holding her awaiting a spot at the vet. Unlike thousands of kittens born on the rough streets of Brooklyn, luckily this litter was born indoors so they never had to live the hard life on the streets. Checkers was able to stay with his mom and obtain the best nutrition a kitten could get, to grow up healthy, and grow up healthy he did. His mom was fixed and vaccinated and then released once the kittens were weaned. Checkers seems to be growing faster than usually kittens do and we are guessing he will grow up to be a LARGE cat.... that just means more cat to love. He is extremely well adjusted and socialized. We spent countless hours making sure he was comfortable around humans as well as using the litter box properly. Checkers gets along with other cats but in general he seems to prefer , or shows more interest in the human interaction. He is a BEAUTIFUL creature that will bring lots of joy to a cat loving home.Checker is part of a litter of 4, and his sister Dhalia is still with us. Adopting 2 kittens is always highly recommended especially if you know you will be gone most of the day, we call it " Guilt Management" .. you know the kitten will not be lonely and bored while you are away, and naturally it is just better for them to have a playmate. Adopting 2 is not required however a home with a cat already, or applicants looking for 2 cats will get priority.The big guy is healthy, fixed, vaccinated and microchipped. Please consider adopting him, or one of our other friendly kittens / cats.Please fill out the application and we will respond as soon as possible. If you are just looking around and are not ready to adopt but would like to support our work, please click on the donation button and / or follow us @BrooklynPawsFoundation instagram/facebook/twitter Please visit our website to learn more about this amazing pet and to see other available dogs and cats.


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