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Jack #big-friendly-giant   

In shelter Cat

Houston, TX, 77005
Pet name:
Jack #big-friendly-giant
Black & White / Tuxedo
Extra Large

DOB 4/1/18

Howdy folks! Im Jack, a super-sweet, big, long, lean 20-pound bicolor fella whos mostly white with black on my head, body, and tail and who has large, round green eyes. Im not flabby -- my body frame is just huge. I have the build of a professional athlete - like a tight end in football -- because theres no fat on me! I do somersaults in the air to reach my favorite feather wand toy which Foster Meowmy dangles over my head, so theres got to be plenty of "football field" for me to play.

Im not just playful, though. No sirree! Im a giant love muffin. My favorite spots are on my foster meowmys shoulder or snuggled beside her in her bed. I also like to cuddle with her on her lap, but let me warn you, it has be MY idea and on MY terms because I dont like to be picked up and put in her lap. I greet foster meowmy at the door when she comes home and then flip over on my back to invite her to rub my belly.

Im smart as a whip and very food-driven, so Ive learned to "come," give a "high five," as well as "sit" for Foster Meowmy in order to be rewarded with extra treats. I can be taught just about anything as long as shes got the time and the treats.

Im a very gentle, patient big brother with the foster kittens in that I offer my tail as their toy as long as they dont scratch it with their little razor-sharp claws. Im great with the resident cats, and Ive even played with a quiet, cat-friendly dog whos come to visit. When I need a "time out" from the foster-kitten mayhem, I like to bask in a patch of sunshine on the windowsill and watch the birds and squirrels outside.

You know, Margaret Mead once said, "One of the oldest human needs is having someone to wonder where you are when you dont come home at night." Well, imagine the thrill youd have if I happily greeted YOU when you came home. If you like big cats with marshmallow hearts, I just may be your match. Arrange to meet me today!

HOPE ID 18-0701-0100

If you are interested in Jack and would like to fill out an online Cat Adoption Application, please go to Submitting an application does not obligate you to adopt, but it initiates contact with us and gets the process started. If you have questions prior to filling out the application, email us at and a volunteer will get back to you.

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