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In shelter Cat

Kentwood, MI, 49512
Pet name:
Black & White / Tuxedo
Coat length:
Freddie is a handsome, frisky, curious, and playful 1-year old boy who had a rough start in life.  

He was born outdoors to a mother who was too ill to feed him and his sisters (Olive and Biscuit, also available for adoption) the nutrition they needed.  We also think their early lives were possibly very fearful, overtaxing their adrenal systems.  Following a full veterinarian workup, immunizations, neutering, and careful monitoring of his diet and feeding patterns, it has been determined that he must be fed a specific Royal Canin dry food.  When his diet is strictly limited to this food,  he is healthy and happy, with the ability to reliably use the litter box.  (In his foster home, care must be taken that he doesnt have access to other cat food, dog food, or human food.)

Freddie is so deserving of a loving home where he can cuddle and play with toys, maybe enjoy a high perch.  If given the chance, he will likely choose a person to sleep cuddled up to. 

He has an adorable slightly cross-eyed gaze and little crook at the end of his tail. 

He gets along with the other cats in his foster home and mostly ignores the dog. 
If his food restrictions can be maintained, he would probably prefer having a playmate cat.

This is a home to home adoption, learn more about that here

Freddie is being fostered in Grand Rapids.

Adoption fee: $80

Fill out an on-line application here

Approved adoption application and home visit required.

Adopting a pet is exciting but also a very serious commitment which should be considered carefully. Cats can easily live between 13-20 years. And while kittens are easily adopted into loving homes, adult cats are simply not! Most adult cats abandon or surrendered by their owners are simply euthanized in shelters for lack of finding another home (as an adult). 

If you cannot commit to this animal for its lifetime of care for up to 20 years - if you move, take your cat; if you add a baby to your family, keep the cat; etc - please consider adopting an adult cat versus a kitten.


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