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In shelter Dog

Williamsburg, NM, 87942
Pet name:
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Hello there! Im Clark! First of all, I am great at a lot of things. For instance I am a fabulous running partner, I have one of the dopiest and happiest grins youve ever seen, I make people happy when they meet me, and I am smart so I learn quickly. I know sit, down, stay, etc. I pay close attention to people when they teach me things. I like treats and I love to please my people!

I also love water and water play. Toys are a blast! I love to play with my person too. Im crate-trained and find comfort and enjoyment while in my crate. Im one of those dogs that lights up when I see my crate so it would comfort me to keep mine open and accessible in my new home. Im getting A+ marks on the Agility Course here and Im engaging very well with a variety of volunteers that are taking care of me. Thats just a short list of the things that I enjoy and that Im great at doing.

Overall, I do my absolute very best to be a Great Dog. However, it seems I have fallen short in my first home, because now Ive found myself here at Desert Haven. I came to my first family as a small puppy and grew up with them for about two years. I even had little kid siblings to grow up with. I had love, toys, a running partner, and lots of good times. 

While I was a well-loved dog, over time I grew to feel more and more strongly that I had to protect the woman of my home. I know she loved me, but she had a sort of weakness in her approach with me, and though she tried, she wasnt able to be the strong and confident owner I need. For this reason, I protected her from her husband who didnt seem to care much for me. All-in-all, we simply werent a good match.

I am ready for a do-over! I deserve a great person who maintains a strong and confident way with dogs. Here is what I need:  I need my persons full attention, training, and guidance and this means that I cannot share a home with another pet; I will need to be the only pet in my home. 

I also may do best in a home with only one human. My new person will need to understand that I thrive with exercise and discipline. I want to be the loving and happy dog I am meant to be. This is what I know in my heart is possible and the people here at Desert Haven believe it too! To accomplish this the team here believes that my new human must be willing to focus just on me. 

  I am so excited for this fresh start! I will again do my absolute very best to be the Great Dog that I am, and I am so happy to find the person that wants me to be theirs forever. Is it you? Lets meet soon so I can flash you my winning smile! Love, Clark


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