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In shelter Dog

Estherville, IA, 51334
Pet name:
Wire Fox Terrier
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Wilson, Wilson, Wilson!!! Say it in an excited high pitched voice and you will get an excited response and a really happy tail from this cute low-rider doggie. So lets start with the things that might make Wilson a challenge for some people.... Wilson is blind! He has a condition call microphthalmia in which his eye openings never developed properly. Some cats and dogs with this condition do have limited sight however Wilsons actual eyes never developed so he cant see anything. He is hearing impaired! Yep....not only is he blind but he cant hear great either. This is also a result of his microphthalmia. We have found that he can sometimes pick up a high pitched sound so the directors obnoxious squeaky doggie speak voice comes in handy when communicating with Wilson! Wilson is also terrible on a leash so a fenced yard will be necessary if considering bringing this guy home. His house training has proven to be challenging as well. We feel more consistency in his life should be beneficial with this issue. Ok so another is that Wilson has shown when he was in foster, that he was not ok being confined and that he gets a little panicked when left alone. Interestingly however when he is at the shelter he has no issue being alone in his kennel run so we are not certain what to make of this behavior. With that said, he would thrive in a home where the humans are around a lot! Someone working from home or perhaps a retired person that can be there for Wilson to feel calm. And although Wilson seems to really want to play with another dog or cat he does startle easily and become reactive which is understandable due to a lack of perception and senses however that means he would do best maybe in a home as an only pet or perhaps with cats that are dog savvy and will just keep their distance from Wilson. Additionally, little kids that might bump Wilson and startle him arent a good idea either. Okay, okay we realize thats kind of a long list of potential challenges for placing this cutie but lets share with you Wilsons greatest strength....he is a HAPPY HAPPY little guy with so much love to share with his humans! After he meets someone and feels safe with them (we have found he identifies people he knows by their scent!) he has kisses to share! He jumps, twirls and dances around with absolute glee!!!!! He is a super great snuggler and would make a fantastic couch potato buddy. Wilson is young at likely 2 years of age. He is up to date on vaccinations, neutered and micro-chipped his adoption fee is $250.00

Soooooo.......if you think you are the right home for Wilson and youve already got a plan working out in your mind how you might help Wilson through some of his challenges then head over to our website at to fill out the adoption application.