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Pia and Porky   

In shelter Bird

Pittsburgh, PA, 15230
Pet name:
Pia and Porky
African Grey
AVAILABLE for adoption - if a parrot is listed on Petfinder it is available for adoption we keep our records up to date.

Adoption Fee: $600.00

Age: 21

Sex: Male and Female

Pia & Porky are a bonded pair of Congo African Greys. They are both approximately 21 years old and have lived together their entire lives. They cannot be separated and will require a large enclosure so that they have plenty of room to play and interact with each other. They are not a breeding pair. 

Pia will step up and can be very affectionate with her human. Porky is leery of hands and does tend to show aggressive behavior as he is very protective of Pia. Porky is trained to step up on a perch. He does enjoy head scratches and will say I love you, but he will require an experienced bird owner who is patient and willing to work with him. 

Pia & Porky are very active birds. They love to play and interact with each other. Pia loves to play with oversized boxes and boss Porky around. Porky will play with anything. They are both super vocal and can say a ton of words and tunes. They know a lot of TV intros and commercial tunes.

They are great eaters and are on a diet of fresh chop and pellets. Their favorite is birdie bread and they love to forage for the almonds and sunflower seeds hidden throughout their cage.

Pia and Porky will need a home with previous parrot experience and would do best in a home without small children. 


PEARL Parrot Rescue is an all-volunteer and foster-based organization located in Pittsburgh, PA. Our adoption process consists of:

1) Submitting an application;

2) Attending our Standards of Care Class

3) A Home Visit

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