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Tampa, FL, 33612
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Little is an affectionate 6-month-old sweetheart that loves to cuddle with her foster family.  She is high energy and will require regular exercise with her new family.  She loves playing with her foster family and is eager to learn and please her foster family.  She is starting to pick up on obedience training and commands.   Little is crate trained and mostly potty trained, but is still a puppy.  Like any puppy there are still accidents, and she is in need of all the puppy attention, love and structure. 

It is important Littles new family is familiar with the Akita breed and/or reads up extensively on the breed.  Akitas have intense guarding instincts and are very loyal to their families. They are suspicious of strangers and can be aggressive towards those they don’t know if not properly socialized and trained.  This includes guests in your home and friends of your children that may regularly come over. Little needs socialization, but slow introductions to new dogs.  She has shown some resource guarding of toys, so will need to continue focusing on training. Little would do best as an only dog in the home, but with someone that will still properly socialize her with dogoo and people friends!  If you have a dog at home, we must do a meet and greet with your dog.

Contact Rags to Riches Animal Rescue Inc. 813-695-5473 to complete your application AND virtual home check. Virtual home check consists of a video of your yard, if applicable, and inside your home where your pet will spend most of their time. Prior to the formal adoption process must show picture/video evidence of crate setup at home. Please do not submit an application if you do not intend to do the home check or show evidence of crate in home. I hope to see you at a meet and greet soon!  

Her name may be Little, but she will be a BIG HAPPY addition to your family!