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In shelter Dog

Minneapolis, MN, 55407
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
Hi, Im Opal. Im the sweetest of sweet with energy that cant be beat! My spirit animal is the goat. I love climbing to get on top of things and exploring. Maybe Id make a great hiking dog, since I do have loads of energy. Im doing well at learning new things like down, sit, and no. Im still learning how to know when I need to go outside but Im just a puppy potty training is in progress so please help me learn. At night I sleep in my kennel with no problem and will go in it when you are gone from home, but it is not my favorite. Again, still learning. I am very food motivated I like praise, but treats rule! I love playing crazy with my doggie foster sister, running in the yard and having fun with toys. Ive met my foster cat siblings and I am kind but want to play and chase them, even when they dont want me to. I dont care too much when people walk by the house, but when someone new comes over it takes me a minute to warm up and then we are best buddies. I enjoy a nice bath and think I would enjoy the lake life. I might also just settle for sneaking into the shower with you and stealing the drain plug. I also love a good nap youll love my little snores. You coming home will be my favorite part of the day! Id love to find a family who loves to play and snuggle and teach me all the things I need to know. I have lots of puppy energy and so a nice yard for zoomies would be ideal. I cant wait to meet you! Please visit our website to learn more about this amazing pet and to see other available dogs.


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