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Sudi (FKA Angel)   

In shelter Dog

Fairfax Station, VA, 22039
Pet name:
Sudi (FKA Angel)
Anatolian Shepherd
White / Cream
Extra Large
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Sudi is a super amazing dog from Iran , where she endured horrible cruelty that we cannot even begin to fathom. As a working farm dog, when she did not perform to her owners satisfaction he cut off her front paws, dragged her behind a car and hit and kicked her. How she lived we do not know.

But thankfully, an Iranian loving person rescued her and through a lot of hard work, Sudi left Iran for Canada and then made her way to us here at Homeward Trails. 

She recently was fitted for prosthetic feet and is doing remarkably well in them, getting a new lease on life that allows her to be more mobile. While we thought she may need hip surgery to replace her hip socket, we are currently waiting on that per her veterinarian orthopedists suggestion to have a specialist determine if it is workable. For now, she remains on pain meds and steroids to address the issue, which may end up being her long-term solution.

Sudi needs an adoptive family. She is great with all people but does not like other animals enough to live with them. It may be her low-level pain or fear but we have tried and we now know she wishes to be an only animal.

This girl is a truly remarkable example of endurance and spirit. That she even trusts humans at all after what has been done to her is truly, truly inspiring.

She will do best in a home with few stairs - or least a home where she can get inside/outside without many. She would love a yard where she can lounge in the sun.

Whatever orthopedic issues come her way in the near future in terms of surgery will be covered by Homeward Trails.

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