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In shelter Dog

Kalamazoo, MI, 49009
Pet name:
Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler

You will probably have to copy and paste into your browser if it doesn’t go to the form automatically when you click on it. 

Next scheduled transport date,
August 26, 2023
to Springfield, Illinois
Bourbonnais, Illinois
Kalamazoo, Michigan 

You will choose your pick up location on the "Transport Roster" 

Total cost of adopting  is the adoption fee listed on the PetFinder listing plus $75 transport fee. 

$75 goes toward transport expenses, primarily fuel and the adoption fee goes toward vaccinations and veterinary care, food and shelter for the 80+ dogs and puppies that we continuously foster. 

Step 1 complete adoption application

Step 2 receive approval letter via email… our emails often go to spam folders…please add

Step 3. Complete transport roster information from which you will receive via email. This form will allow you to choose your pick up location and pay the $75 transport fee

Step 4. Wait for an email the day of the transport ….typically the transport van leaves Texarkana Texas about 6 PM the day before your pick up date 

This email  will start the notification process as it approaches your pick up location. 

Step 5 go to the pick up location you have selected and pick up your dog or puppy and their folder of information. Pay the adoption fee either using one of the apps provided or cash or check.

Please go to Greg King, canine recovery on TikTok and Greg King on Facebook to see what we do in the name of rescue in Texarkana, Texas and surrounding areas.

All of our dogs and puppies that are pre-adopted, which means they have an approved application and transport fee has been paid, can be picked up at one of three transport pickup locations, regardless of what the adoption listing shows. PetFinder only has the option to pick one location for each puppy listed, but then on the “transport roster information form”
you can choose either location for pickup.

The need for rescue and adoption it is quite overwhelming here in Texas. 

Please go to our TikTok (Greg King Canine Recovery) and see videos from our past transports to Illinois and Michigan and also to Greg King on Facebook to see what our rescue does.

You will receive a folder with your pup’s shot record, and other relevant health info. Puppies that are not yet 12 weeks old, are too young for a rabies vaccine prior to transport. You will need to get that when you take your puppy to your vet for additional vaccines as he/she recommends.

Once you complete the application for adoption, we will process your application and if approved, you will then receive an approval letter and a second form for the transport roster information.

Before the status changes from "adoptable" to "adoption pending," the $75 transport fee must be paid to secure the adoption. At that time, we stop accepting applications for that particular puppy/dog.

Even though you receive an adoption approval letter, the puppy will not transported unless the transport fee is paid. Consequently, if another applicant is approved later, but pays the transport fee first, the applicant who pays the transport fee secures the adoption of that particular dog or puppy. 

It is the responsibility of the new owner to have an unaltered puppy spayed or neutered at five to six months of age as outlined in the adoption contract. Dogs older than six months should be altered within 45 days of adoption.
You will receive the adoption contract via email after you pick up your pet.

Thank you for considering sharing your home in your heart with a rescue puppy


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