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Sasha Rose (TX)   

In shelter Dog

New York, NY, 10075
Pet name:
Sasha Rose (TX)
Belgian Shepherd / Malinois
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Sasha Rose (TX) is a female German shepherd Malinois mix rescued in Texas. Our veterinary partner estimates that Sasha is 2 years old at the time of intake November 2023. This lovely lady was

rescued from a rundown trailer park, where she and three other dogs had been abandoned by their owner when he moved. She was extremely underweight and had been crossing a very busy street to get handouts from people at a food truck. Sasha Rose jumped right in the car and has showed she forgives humans for their letdowns! Sasha is now thriving with love and has a beautiful, silky, short haired coat. She is devoted to her humans and bonds quickly-she is so eager to please. Sasha Rose loves all people she has met, including children. She likes other dogs and is eager to play. She is always ready to go for a car ride and will no doubt be a wonderful walking or jogging partner. The beginning of her life has been rough, but now she needs a caring family who can continue to give her what she deserves-

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