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In shelter Dog

Decatur, GA, 30030
Pet name:
Black Labrador Retriever
Ellas high energy and needs a home thats super active and would do great with another playful dog or older children who want to play with her. Shes very smart and learns quickly. Shes super loyal and is a Velcro dog for sure. Shes working on her manners and still has trouble jumping up but doesnt jump on children. She is sometimes nervous about new people, but she always warms up within a couple of minutes.

She can be nervous about loud noises or people yelling (our game nights can get heated) Shell bark and whine, but as soon as you reassure her that everythings ok, she is fine. She has no issues with fireworks.

Her biggest flaw is that she wants to give hugs, so she jumps up too much. Shes just trying to hug. The jumping is better with consistency. She wont do it to her foster Mom anymore because she always says "no" or "sit". With people that are in and out of her home all the time and who reward Ella with pets when she jumps, its been a challenge to completely stop the behavior. If she her jumping is corrected, shed be almost perfect.

She may have opposable thumbs somewhere because she will somehow open doors if they are not closed all the way and she will counter surf in the kitchen. She will need training on this also and if she is crated when people leave the home, until she is older, that is half of the battle.

She knows sit and lay down, so she will do so when asked. Her puppy brain only lasts for a few minutes then she wants to jump again so she needs a home where consistent training occurs.

Shes spayed, up to date on vaccines and heartworm negative.

She has not been cat tested, but she is definitely interested in squirrels and such on walks. She wont pull away, but she certainly wants to chase.

Shes pretty good on a leash but needs someone who will work on consistency with her.

Shes only about 40lb full grown. Super long limbs, very lanky

She recently slipped out the front door when a guest accidentally left it open and came right back when called. Off leash recall may be very easy for her to learn.

Shes mostly housebroken: when you let her out throughout the day there are no issues, but she has had an accident or two because her foster got busy, she wasnt crated and Ella didnt know how to let anyone know she needed to go out.

Her foster has never crated her so we dont know how she would do in one but most likely she would be fine. Crating would also be a great tool to assist in pottie training. She has been left uncrated when her foster leaves the house and she has done pretty well as long as she has her toys. Shes been left for 4 hours max completely alone and uncrated. She has chewed up tissues and an empty box, but shes never destroyed actual property.

She sleeps through the whole night in her fosters bed with no issues. She usually lets her foster Mom sleep in on weekends. She will lick your face if you dont get up to let her out eventually though.

She really is adorable. She needs a family that is ok with her high energy and committed to training her. She learns quickly and is treat motivated, but she has a lot of puppy behaviors that we are working on that will need more attention with her forever family.

Shes great in the car and she also did great at the beach when we she was taken along on vacation.

Age: approx 1 year Weight: 45 lbs Vetting: Neutered, Up-to-date on vaccines, heartworm negative and on prevention. Temperament: Respectful older kids, good with dog . For questions about Neira, please email

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