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In shelter Dog

Friday Harbor, WA, 98250
Pet name:
Black Labrador Retriever
Coat length:
Meet Amelia! This girl is one of a kind and as silly as they get. She will make you laugh throughout every day. With her goofy facial expressions, or her unique play style, funky run-hops and belly flops, she is a sure way to get your daily dose of laughter in. 

Amelia is a herding breed mix and can be a bit nippy when she is gets excited or is seeking attention. Therefore, we are looking for a home that can remain calm and patient while she continues to work on replacing this habit with new positive behaviors. She is a smart girl who is eager to please, knowing many other manners and walks great on leash and harness! Amelia is food, toy, and praise motivated and has already made great progress! That being said, her new home would continue to use positive reinforcement and force-free training with the help of a certified trainer. APSFH would love to connect you with some good resources and trainers as well! Although she has some work to be done with her excitement nipping, she only does so out of love and just needs someone to show her she can get her families attention in other ways. She is easily redirected so this shouldnt be too hard for the right family! :) 

This wiggly girl has so much affection to give to her new family, but due to her current nipping and high prey drive, she would do best in a home without children or cats while she continues with her training. She hasnt lived with another dog and didnt play with dogs in her previous home, but she seems to be non-reactive to other dogs and she has made fast friends with many dogs here at the shelter, who have many different playstyles. We believe she would do well with a passive doggy sibling as long as they are a good match and are respectful of each other. :) 

We know you will fall in love with this goofy sweet girl just like we have! She will forever repay you in all the hugs and kisses you could want.

If you are interested in adopting, and would like to make an appointment for a meet and greet, please fill out and submit our Canine Adoption Application from our website here:

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