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In shelter Dog

Union City, PA, 16438
Pet name:
Black Labrador Retriever
Applying for a puppy? Before completing an application, please take into consideration their breed characteristics, puppy shenanigans and the size at full grown.

I am full of razor-sharp puppy teeth and love & NEED to chew!
I am not house trained, or crate trained but working on it!
I need exercise, playtime, mental enrichment time, not confined to tons of hours of crate time!
I need quality time spent with me to learn proper manners, obedience training, house training, and lots of time to properly socialize me.
I have had a rough start to life and need the best home possible for me to learn about love and loyalty.

Canine Partners Program only places our dogs and puppies into homes that meet "their" needs!

Our dogs are fully vetted. This includes spay or neuter, age-appropriate vaccinations, rabies, microchipped, Heartworm and Lyme tested, worming, flea treatments, Heartworm prevention started, and any other medical care needed.

Foster to adopt dogs, simply means they live with you while receiving their vet care. Once this is complete, then you adopt!

Our adoption fee also includes 6-week group obedience class (value $125.)

If adopting a puppy that is not spayed/neutered and underage, we cover spay/neuter at 6 months.

Paws In Prison dogs will not be ready for their new families until they complete their program. Apply now for your highly trained Prison Dog!

To apply to adopt:
Visit our website-
Click Adoption tab- Read about our adoption process and requirements then complete the adoption application by clicking on the rescues face. Their info will pop up with an application button.

Canine Partners Program giving dogs a second chance at a happy life with our rehabilitation program! Thank YOU for considering giving them that happy home they deserve!


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