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Delores - in Maine   

In shelter Dog

Kennebunkport, ME, 04046
Pet name:
Delores - in Maine
Black Mouth Cur
Delores - in Maine - updated July 2023

Delores is a really interesting mix of introverted and outgoing. Like many of our rescue pups, she has had a really rough beginning but is now living in a home with a family, learning the ways of the world. When she first got off the transport, Delores was so scared that she would only commando-crawl around the parking lot. She clearly wasn’t used to a leash, and didn’t know what to make of her new surroundings. Within just 30 minutes she was coming to people for treats and loving.

She is living with an older female dog, cats and a pre-teen boy. The dog relationship is going well, but no cats for this girl, and no young children.  Delores gets scared if he moves quickly or startles her and will growl or snap. With adults she is cuddly and sweet. She takes treats gently and seeks out belly rubs.

Delores is one year old and 40 lbs. She is listed as “mixed breed” – we think she may be a black mouth cur mix. Whatever genetics are there, she’s 100% beautiful and deserving of a wonderful forever family.

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