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Blossom and Bear   

In shelter Cat

Los Angeles, CA, 90039
Pet name:
Blossom and Bear

Blossom and Bear are two of the sweetest kittens in the world. They were found at around 5-6 weeks old wandering around our yard in Hacienda Heights and have clearly been taking care of each other since day one. Each gets nervous when theyre separated from the other for too long, therefore they are available only as a bonded pair.
Bear (tux) is an active, adventurous, and outgoing boy. He is brave and loves to explore independently, but also will trot right up to you and demand cuddles or flop over and watch you while you go about your day. Bear loves to sit next to your laptop while you work or play and watch the cursor move. At night, he climbs right into bed and sidles up next to you under the covers or on the crown of your head atop the pillow.
Blossom (calico) is a little more shy and quiet, but just as sweet and loving as Bear is. She likes to lie in the sunshine or a hammock, loves playing and cuddling with her brother, and is very fond of teaser toys. Blossom takes a little more time to open up and is content watching the action from a distance but adores when you come up to her for pets or pick her up for a cuddle session.
Bear teaches Blossom to be more brave and adventurous, encouraging her to par course around the house with him and to explore new areas. Blossom, in turn, shows Bear the beauty of quiet cuddle puddles in a ray of sunshine and grooms him sweetly.
Both kittens adore being petted and cuddled by humans. They are good with other animals - we have two older cats and a very energetic puppy. Our puppy is a little much for them, and we expect that Blossom and Bear will really open up in a slightly calmer home. for updates and pictures!

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