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Marita Geraghty $475   

In shelter Dog

Milwaukee, WI, 53202
Pet name:
Marita Geraghty $475
Cattle Dog
Hey there! This is Marita! She is an 11-month-old heeler mix & full of love to give. She might get to 35 to 40 pounds full-grown. In my short time, Ive been through a lot. It takes time for me to warm up to people because theyve never done right by me before. She is shy at first & will need patience & space, but give her about a week to relax & her personality will start shining through. She will do well in a home with adults & older children. She tends to pick a favorite person but does well with everyone in the household. Marita is playful & lovable. She gives kisses all the time. She will need to have another dog in the home, she LOVES other dogs. She is smart & does well taking other dogs cues. She is perfect with her kennel & sleeps all night. Marita has been doing well with potty training on a schedule. She has been learning commands like kennel up, outside, & down. If you are looking for a playful puppy who also loves to cuddle on the couch...Marita is your girl.
DATCP# 483538


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