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Pie #189   

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Vista, CA, 92083
Pet name:
Pie #189
Hi! My name is Pie because I am a piebald veiled chameleon.

I went to the rescue from concerned staff from a local pet store. Somehow I fractured my arm and I was in need of urgent care. After 30 days of intense treatment, something most Chameleons dont survive, my arm was all healed! I did lose part of my claw but I have been able to adapt no problem!

My foster mom says Pie Does not like to be touched but loves to eat.  Good with older kids if they respect her space.

I am just under halfway to full-grown, although the sky is the limit if you take great care of me! While my kind is usually quite docile towards people, regular handling tends to be stressful very stressful for me. I am a pet that is better suited to being watched rather than handled.

I am a great eater and I love to be fairly active climbing up and down the vines in my home. Having a humid environment makes me happy too.

My environment and care are critical to ensure that I stay healthy. Dont worry, the rescue will provide you with all of the information that you will need to prepare for my arrival.

If you think we may be a good match, or you would like to get to know me better, please click the Adoption Application button below my bio on our website, here is the link >

1- We can only accept applications from interested parties who are in or near San Diego County, California at this time.
2- We do not ship reptiles but we are willing to work with you if you are willing to travel.


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