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Rose - bonded (3)   

In shelter Rabbit

Longwood, FL, 32791
Pet name:
Rose - bonded (3)
Thistle, Rose and Peppermint were born to Magnolia, one of our Azalea Park bunnies, and developed a strong bond while they were still babies. The bond has survived their spay surgeries and their adolescent hormonal adjustments, and the girls are still the best of friends and do everything together! This trio of beauties is looking for just the right home to grace with their triplicate loveliness and sweet dispositions.

Why on earth, you may ask, would I want to adopt three rabbits? Three times as much salad to prepare, three times as much poop to scoop, three times as many bunny gifts to wrap and place under the tree, the list goes on and on! WELL, there are many reasons, of which I can provide a few. First of all, a bunny with a companion is never lonely and has someone to hang out with even when you are working or otherwise occupied. There is nothing more adorable than two happy lovebuns snuggled together - except maybe three happy lovebuns snuggled together! Second, we all know how much a rabbit beautifies a home, just think how much three different types of rabbit beauty will enhance your home! Thistle, the smallest of the three, is a lovely gray Chinchilla mix with big brown eyes and the softest fur. Peppermint is a REW (red eyed white) with the typical REW smarts and good disposition, who appears to have taken on the mother role and loves to groom her sisters. Rose is a white bunny with Californian in her background as she has the trademark gray ears and gray nose which (and this is a truly amazing feature) lighten and darken with the change of seasons! So much beauty in one home is dazzling indeed. And lastly, think of how much positive karma will be scooped into your home by six (6!) happy rabbit ears swiveling tirelessly throughout the day. It is an awe-inspiring thought. If you would like to get acquainted with Thistle, Rose and Peppermint they would be only too happy to meet you!

We adopt to indoor homes only! If you are interested in adopting a bunny from Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions or would like more information on rabbit care, please visit our website at: The first step to our adoption process is to complete an adoption application, which can be found here: . Then one of our volunteers will reach out to you via email to schedule a time to speak with you. If you dont see the email in a day or two, please check your spam folder!

Our Adoption Fee/Donation for a single rabbit is $90, a pair is $150, and a triple is $200. This helps to offset the cost of having the rabbits altered, microchipped and vaccinated, as well as any medical care that may have been required.


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