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In shelter Small & Furry

Monterey, CA, 93940
Pet name:
Why, hello there! Im Penelope and I am an adorable little Chinchilla as I am very sweet, but I can be wiggly and hard to hold so please keep this in mind if you adopt me and handle me! I came to the SPCA with my friend Emma because my family could no longer care for us, and we looking for a new family to call our own. I love to run around and play in boxes and to climb little ropes and run in my wheel! My favorite snacks are raisins and Timothy hay. Do I sound like a good fit for you? Come meet me today! 

Chinchillas should be offered chinchilla pellets and hay at all times. Hay mixes containing orchard grass, blue grass, timothy and alfalfa, make the best combination for a healthy chinchilla diet. Be sure the chinchillas pellets are made for chinchillas (not made for other animal species such as rabbit or guinea pig). Be sure to keep your chinchilla in a location that does not get too warm, moist, or drafty. Their ideal housing temperature is between 50 and 60. Chinchillas can overheat very easily so keep temperature in mind. As for a cage, chinchillas are larger than most pet rodents and are very active, for this reason it is important that their cage includes multiple levels, ramps, perches, and platforms. It is suggested that you provide your chinchilla with a minimum of 2 cubic feet (per animal). Chinchillas should have a dust bath at least once per week to keep their natural oils in their fur from matting. 

The SPCA strongly encourages Adoption Holds to ensure I will be waiting to meet you when you arrive. To make an Adoption Hold, please call 831-373-2631. The Adoption Center is open to meet me without an Adoption Hold, however you may need to wait for an adoption time to become available and I may already be adopted. El SPCA recomienda las reservaciones para citas para asegurarse de que estar esperando para encontrarme con usted cuando llegue. Para hacer una reservacin de cita, por favor llame al 831-373-2631. El Centro de Adopciones est abierto para conocerme sin una reservacin, sin embargo, es posible que deba esperar a que est disponible el tiempo de adopcin y puede que ya sea adoptado.
 Primary Color: Grey Age: 6yrs 4mths 3wks Adoption Fees: $50


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