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In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78704
Pet name:
Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Brown / Chocolate
Are you looking for a cat-dog? If so, Sicily is the girl for you!

Although she does enjoy a good cuddle or scratch after she warms up and learns to trust you, it does take her some time to realize youre one of the good people. As she is getting to know you, she is going to prefer not being touched as it can be scary for her, but will likely still want to be in the same room with you, and may even start to follow you around the house! With time, she will likely come around to wanting some cuddles but can still get spooked, so she will need someone who can take it slow with her and go at her pace.

She loves to climb under the couch, hide in the closet, or make herself at home under the covers where she feels safe and cozy. You will probably see her head or butt sticking out from somewhere more than youll see the full Sicily!

Sicily does very well being left alone, wont go potty in the home, and is non destructive if left to free roam. She is also crate trained and enjoys hanging out in her crate to take a nap or chew on her toys.

This girl does prefer to be the only dog in the home as she has had some conflicts with dogs in the past, but that doesnt mean she cant go home with other animals. If you already have furry friends in the home but are interested in Sicily, we can work to see if your pet would be a good match with her.

Sicily seems to have had a rough past and is just looking for her furever home where she can get the love and comfort she needs a deserves. If you are interested in meeting this silly and sweet girl, let us know!


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