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In shelter Dog

Cabot, AR, 72023
Pet name:
Cocker Spaniel
Coat length:
4-year-old Chica loves destroying squeaky toys, routines, cuddles (as much as she pretends not to), FOOD (she does guard and steal), digging holes but not to escape, and sharing a pillow with her chosen human. She enjoys chewing on flavored Nylabones and likes going on walks, car rides, and to the dog park. She is still shy around new people, but seems to get along with other dogs fairly easily and quickly in an open environment. She likes running around and playing with the other dogs, but would likely do better in a household that she is the only dog or the other dog is a mature, chill dog. She definitely wants to be leader of the pack and hog all the attention, but shes also a big softie. 

Shell need people who understand she had a difficult start in life and will require time to adjust, decompress, and learn to trust new people (treats are the trick). She is more trusting of women then men and is dog selective. Really, the fewer pets in her furever home, the better, so that all the love comes her way. 

Chica can be mouthy when playing. She will eat any and all food given to her, so she does not free feed (nor can any other animals in her home). She wont jump on you to take food away, but, if you leave it within her range, shell probably swipe it. Shell guard flavored toys/chews, but food is her biggest trigger. Her foster parent makes her sit and shake before offering her food, and makes her take it gently out off her foster parents hand. Shes come a long way there. Small children are not recommended as she has nipped a hand when taking food from someone. 

She has not been tested with cats and has a high prey drive. She does not like baths or getting her nails and hair trimmed. Chica has also chewed up shoes before.  She does bark if someone rings the doorbell, or a loud car drives by the house. And she barks at new people when they come into the house. Shell chill out when everyone sits down, but she is on high alert around strangers and acts like she wants to guard her space. Shes all bark though. Shes never lunged at anyone and would turn and run first. Another dog coming into her space is a different story. She needs a proper neutral zone introduction to a dog if they are coming into the house or she is going to theirs. Shes really pretty good at dog parks, running and playing with dogs she just met, but her resource guarding extends to the home and her person/people.

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