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In shelter Dog

Canterbury, CT, 06331
Pet name:
White / Cream
Cynthia is a beautiful adult English Coonhound who needs a loving family after suffering through serious neglect and abandonment. She recently joined our Connecticut rescue after she was found in the North Carolina woods as a stray. 

When no bereaved owner came forth to collect Cynthia from the NC Shelter, she came to our place. Cynthia strikes us as a friendly, outgoing girl, with a real zest for life. She loves everyone! She has impressed us with her easy manner during this chaotic rescue process. 

Cynthia is extremely affectionate, and would make an outstanding family dog. She loves people, and would relish center stage amidst the frantic activities of dog savvy kids. She loves other dogs, and might be ok with cats, but she would need to meet them first. Her gentle, loving nature is on full display. She definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. 

Cynthia is a medium sized English (or Redtick) Coonhound at about 50 pounds. Our Vet estimates her to be 1-2 years old. She is active, but does not have an over-the-top energy level. She requires a couple of leisurely daily walks, but then is content to rest or take a nap. She would do well in an adult home, or with a single, or retired folks. Also, she could join a bustling family who would include her on fantastic outdoor adventures. Cynthia will be happy as long as she is loved. 

Cynthia is fully vetted: spayed and up to date on routine vaccination and health screenings. If interested, please contact Denise by email at or Text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more information.


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