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Benten Girl   

In shelter Cat

Gladstone, OR, 97027
Pet name:
Benten Girl
Dilute Tortoiseshell
Dilute Tortoiseshell
CMCR #2813

DSH – Dilute Torbie

Approximate Date of Birth - 10/23/2021

Date Available – NOW 

Benten is a colorful Torbie with a white bib & paws, stripes, patterns, & light orange areas that make her a gorgeous lady!

She is very friendly and likes to have lots of human contact. 

Benten is super playful, loves paper clips, kitty tents, and any kind of wand toy. She also enjoys cat trees, boxes, crinkley paper, food puzzles, and watching birds from the window. 

Benten is sweet adult kitty with loads of energy, and asks to play with her person much of the time. Her forever home needs to be able to keep her engaged. This may mean a busier environment, and/or a playmate. We know she can play rough with other cats, so she would need to be paired with an animal that can hold their own. She does nip for attention, so children probably aren’t the best for her forever household. We think the nipping is due to under-stimulation so we think a cat playmate and/or a active and engaging family will help resolve this. 

Benten has always lived indoors-only, so for safety purposes, we think she should remain indoor-only because she doesn’t have the skillset or knowledge to venture safely outdoors on her own. 

But because she is so active and curious, we think she may be open to a catio or harness-training. She may love the extra physical possibilities of going outdoors, but in a safe way.

Go to and you’ll find an application on the adoption tab. We will review your application and may have additional questions or need more information.


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