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In shelter Cat

Richland, MI, 49083
Pet name:
Domestic Long Hair
Coat length:
Meet Pepper,
This gentle soul needs to be in a quiet home.
She is kind and gentle and so sweet. She is highly stressed in her current home due to their other cat and dog. Both like to tease her and chase her. 
At the moment, she is spending most of her time outside and at Their neighbors houses, away from all the ruckus. Their neighbors are constantly telling them how sweet she is but they are unable to adopt her. 

Pepper would be great as a single pet or maybe with another cat that is super laid back or a dog that is trained to not chase cats. When it is just her and her current human, and she doesnt feel threatened by other animals, she is a super cuddler. The current owner is sad to give her up but she knows for her own well-being shed be much happier in another home. 

This is a home-to-home adoption, Learn more about that here

Being fostered in Kalamazoo.

Adoption fee: $ 50

Fill out an online application here

Approved adoption application and home visit required.

Adopting a kitten is exciting but also a very serious commitment that should be considered carefully. Cats can easily live between 13-20 years. And while kittens are easily adopted into loving homes, adult cats are simply not! Most adult cats abandoned or surrendered by their owners are simply euthanized in shelters for lack of finding another home (as an adult). 

If you cannot commit to this animal for its lifetime of care for up to 20 years - if you move, take your cat; if you add a baby to your family, keep the cat; etc. - please consider adopting an adult cat versus a kitten.