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Sukiyaki and Tempura   

In shelter Cat

Fayetteville, GA, 30214
Pet name:
Sukiyaki and Tempura
Domestic Medium Hair
Tempura & Sukiyaki

Tempe and Suki are two of the sweetest kittens we have ever rescued. Unfortunately their adopter wasnt able to care for them and surrendered them back to us after a few months. They are back in a foster home waiting for their forever home. Both have lots of energy, sometimes acting like they are still little kittens with zoomies and jumping after a wand toy. But they also love cuddles and lounging in a soft cat bed. Theyve gained a little extra weight, but have been working on losing it with lots of exercise and play time. They get along well with cat-friendly dogs who dont mind being bugged by an active and loving cat all day. They have also gotten along great with older cats and kittens. These two would be a perfect addition to a family with kids! Suki has beautiful silky medium hair with the puffy tail of a long-hair cat, and does need regular brushing. When Tempe is happy he will show you his dance moves, waving his arms while sitting on the edge of a table or chair. 

Please note that these two are currently on prescription gastrointestinal fiber food, and it is not known if they will have to stay on it for life or if they will grow out of their sensitivity to be able to eat other food.

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