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Phoebe - Lonely Hearts Club   

In shelter Cat

Hays, KS, 67601
Pet name:
Phoebe - Lonely Hearts Club
Domestic Medium Hair
Coat length:
**I am a member of the Lonely Hearts Club- this means my adoption fee is half off! Please stop by the shelter and give me a second chance at finding my forever home!**

Welcome Miss Phoebe to the cat room! 
Phoebe is a 1 year old female Domestic Medium Hair calico. She was brought to the shelter because of her strong personality and her decision to be the queen of the home. She does love to interact with older children who respect her space; however, with small children or other furry family members, she would prefer they keep their distance. We always recommend a meet n greet with all potential new family members, especially the furry ones!
Phoebe is the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a friend that can take care of themselves for the most part, and she will also require an adopter who is empathic with her and everything she brings to the table. When she first arrived here at the shelter, Phoebe was very timid and scared. While she is opening up to us as she gets to know us, she will likely feel stressed when going to a new home and will need some patience as she adjusts. Phoebe is a pretty independent cat, and does not like affection to be forced onto her. As she gets comfortable here, she has started to ask for pets and affection, but she still appreciates when her boundaries are kept and she can ask for play time to be over. Phoebe tends to bond to a couple of people and is not the time of cat to immediately love everyone, but once she chooses you, you are definitely lucky!
Phoebe likes to keep her area very tidy and clean. She really is Miss Independent, and wont ask much from you - just that you keep the cat nip stocked and that you adore her like the queen she is! She is also housebroken and  has gotten her first round of vaccines. Phoebe is now searching for her PAWfect home! If you are interested or have questions about Phoebe please call/visit the shelter today!


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