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PopTart B   

In shelter Cat

Rome, GA, 30164
Pet name:
PopTart B
Domestic Medium Hair
PopTart B is all vetted, but she is going to have to wait a bit to get to her new home. She was feeling so great she was doing some kennel climbing in the night and got her paws stuck. Poor girl hung there for quite awhile until our volunteer came in and found her and saved her. She was in rough shape, but thanks to great treatment at the vet and her strong will to live, she turned around in a matter of days. However, one claw got turned over and she will need surgery on it. If you are looking for a strong willed girl who is the sweetest (though she doesnt care for her picture taken) and you are willing to wait for her, please let us know. 

Four lovely kittens were turned into Bartow County Animal Control. This shelter was already very overpopulated and having to euthanize quite frequently. We were able to take in these kittens in order to give them a chance to live their full life. We will vet them fully and then put them up for adoption to a great, indoor home.


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