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Primrose (Rosie)   

In shelter Cat

Anaheim, CA, 92804
Pet name:
Primrose (Rosie)
Domestic Short Hair
Dilute Tortoiseshell
Coat length:
Meet Primrose - 

Our sweet Mama Primrose needs a new foster or adoptive home. Her current person can no longer care for her and she needs to find a calm and patient, loving new place to call home. 

Primrose (called Rosie by her adoptive Mama) is super sweet and loves to cuddle in bed with you at night. She is calm and quiet, and will stay out of sight most of the day, doing her "cat" things. When night falls though, expect the most purry and cuddly little girl ever! 

She is very independent but will show her true colors when all is quiet. She would likely do well in a home with other cats as long as shes given time to be introduced properly (we can help with that) She was quite bonded to her kittens so younger kitties might be a good fit too. She has no experience with dogs or children, but again, with proper introductions would likely be just fine. 

Rosie is a beautiful mixed breed kitty - she has dilute tortie coloring mixed with a silver/gray tabby/torbie markings. 

Can you be Primroses new family? Do you have a special place for her in your heart and home?


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