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In shelter Cat

Cambridge, ON, N1R 4A9
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Meet Bella, a 4-1/2 year old female DSH who was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH ) a condition that affects her balance and coordination. She has a very endearing personality and in spite of her being in 3 different homes in the past few weeks, ( through no fault of her own ) she has adjusted to her foster home remarkably well.
She requires a low sided litter box that she can easily access, surrounded by puppy pads in case she overshoots. There have been no issues with her using her litter box in her foster home. A carpeted home on one level would be best to help her get around more easily but  she is able to traverse the bare floors in her foster home without losing her balance. She can climb a cat tree but needs something to cushion her landing when she propels herself off. She cannot jump into a chair or couch, so pulls herself up. She uses a scratching post or the carpet on her tree to sharpen her claws.
Her method of communicating is by short little squeaks or chirps. She had never met a dog but is very comfortable in the presence of the Golden Retriever in her foster home, who has claimed her as her own personal animated squeaky toy.
She has not currently been cat tested .
She loves head pats and tummy rubs and playing with her favorite toys. When she sleeps, she sandwiches herself between two blankets.
Adopting a CH kitty is a very rewarding experience as they teach you so much about courage, determination and adaptability.
Bella has no other health issues and would have the same life expectancy as a normal cat.

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